Two simple features, burning and marketing, to give you the best chance of moon.

No rewards, no ponzi or other forms of deception: you moon if you buy and hold, simple as that!
Iron Doge will do the rest for you!


Iron Doge is a community driven token, it will be heard everywhere among the crypto telegram communities thanks to influencers and crypto gurus. Further plans to launch a marketing campaign on TikTok and Twitter to raise awareness and reach 100,000 holders.

Utility including staking and a dashboard, which shows the value of the user's funds in USD and $IRONDOGE.


No team tokens!

IRONDOGE is uruggable and secure. The liquidity cannot be removed for 2 years with further ability to extend the lock or migrate the liquidity to Ethereum 2.0 when ready.

​An antisniper is in place as well and an anti-whale dump.
There are no function to stop trading. The smart contract is audited before launch so there is no need to trust anyone, only the code.


The developers have been working in the cryptocurrency sector for several years.

The team is paid with part of the BNBs that the contract will receive, it makes no sense to hide that they will be rewarded for their work.They are transparent and trustworthy.

They will not receive any free tokens to sell.


Total Supply: 1 Trillion $IRONDOGE 

Max Bag: 1% 

Max Transaction: 0.2% 


How will Iron Doge be powered?

With a 10% fee on each trade:

5% Marketing

To ensure Iron Doge has funds available for the mass market and bring new investors on board as the project evolves.


5% Buy Back and Burn

To ensure Iron Doge reaches new heights by decreasing supply and pumping up the price further when it is needed the most.

Where's this going?

We don't want to be your ordinary doge, so we have some great things brewing.


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Crypto Pickles
Shitcoin Reporting
Whalecoin Talk
Rich Kid Club
Achilles Safehaven
DeFi ICO Invest

Crypto investments are subject to market risks, please make your own research before investing as this document doesn't represent a financial advice.

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